Detoxification may help to improve:

Arthritis, Circulation, Headaches, Liver and Kidney function, Menstrual Pain, Skin Problems, Mercury & heavy metal detoxification, General Metabolism, General whole body balance


AQUA DETOX enables the body to rebalance and stimulates self detoxification. Just one treatment can improve general well being.

Just put your feet in water and start to self-detox ......

What happens during a treatment?

- You immerse your feet in a bowl of warm water containing the Aqua Detox array

- The unit is set to the appropriate setting

- Then you sit back and relax for 30 minutes while the Aqua Detox produces a gentle resonance, which travels through your body

- This can help rebalance your body and stimulates your cells to release any build of toxins

- During the treatment, the water often changes colour as the ionised water reacts with the toxins

- The effects of the Aqua Detox continue even after the treatment has finished as additional toxins are also excreted through urine and stools

- Well-being may be enhanced from the first treatment

- A course of 5-10 treatments is recommended for optimum self-detoxification


The Ultimate Detox

Leading Technology in Body Detoxification

Aqua Detox detoxifies and produces an improvement in general well being

These pictures are of photographs taken using the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) camera, also known as the Kirlian camera, which is able to identify the body's bio-energetic field.

They show the disruption and un-balanced energy profile of a person before an AQUA Detox treatment and the improved profile following treatment.

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