Unwanted Facial and Body Hair

The presence of hair in some regions of the body may be acceptable for some people but not for others. Some people grow thicker and darker hair than others and, for many, noticeable facial hair can be uncomfortable to live with.

Without getting too technical, the best way to achieve permanent epilation is to destroy the hair roots. These can be deep below the surface of the skin and are very resilient, able to withstand severe injury and still rebuild themselves and grow new hair.

There are a number of traditional methods for removing unwanted hair. Depilatory methods such as creams tend not to reach the hair roots and other methods such as waxing, shaving, plucking and electrolysis can be both painful and messy.

Modern laser hair removal technology is sensitive, precise and effective for all areas of the body. With laser hair removal the melanin in the hair absorbs the laser beam converting it into heat and causing damage to the follicles growing at the time of treatment, resulting in a reduction of up to 40% in unwanted hair after each session.

Our professional clinical expertise (trained at Harley Street, London) together with state of the art technology offered by our laser can give superior results compared with traditional methods. High safety standards and procedures are met to ensure client well-being.

Laser Hair Removal To Treat all Skin Types


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The best solution for removing

embarrassing or unwanted hair using Medical Grade Lasers

Up to 40% reduction of unwanted hair after each laser treatment

·  Treatment is fast, effective and affordable

·  Suitable for both women and men

·  Administered by Medically Qualified Therapist with over 18 years Hair Removal Experience

·  Suitable for all skin types including Asian & Black

Permanent Hair Removal


Needle and No Needle Electrolysis



t  For the first time we can treat hairs underneath the skin  t

t  No swelling, bruising, scabbing or scarring  t

t  Excellent on distorted and ingrowing hairs  t

t  Makeup can be worn soon after the treatment  t

t  We can treat the complete area each time you visit  t

t  Enables you to be treated while still shaving  t

t  NO risk of infection  t

At last a permanent hair removal treatment you

can actually enjoy !!

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Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

for men and women

Beautiful Skin
                      …...without surgery

The multi-functional Intense Pulse Light System (IPL) is a technological breakthrough that can effectively treat:

Hair Removal


Pigmented Lesion

Vascular Lesions

Aging Skin

Sun Damaged Skin

Thread & Spider Veins


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Thread & Spider Veins Removal

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